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Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes Defense Attorney in Marietta

Outside of sexual offenses, violent offenses are treated the most seriously by prosecutors. The potential for jail or prison time is real, and it is vital that you have strong, experienced representation if you have been charged or even accused. Ben is a Cobb County Criminal Defense Attorney who has represented people charged with the least serious and the most serious violent crimes, and everything in between. If facing prosecution for a misdemeanor or felony crime of violence, contact a Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer or Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer before it's too late.

Misdemeanor Offenses

The majority of misdemeanor violent crimes are domestic violence cases. Most of the defendants in these case are husbands or boyfriends of the alleged female victim. However, women may also be charged with abusing their significant other, and domestic violence exists in same-sex relationships and marriages. 

Any incident of violence between people that did live together or are currently living together will have the label "family violence" attached to it. The significance of this can be great if you are charged with battery. While a normal misdemeanor battery conviction is bad enough on its own, a family violence battery conviction means that, under federal law, you will never again be able to possess or own a firearm. Additionally, a second family violence battery conviction is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

The good news is that many courts offer pretrial diversion programs to individuals charged for the first time with domestic violence. Such programs often entail an anger management class and/or counseling, with the result being dismissal of the charges. The other benefit of such programs is that it helps people ensure that they never again find themselves in the same situation.  

As someone that has handled hundreds of domestic violence cases, Ben recognizes that this is a severe problem in our society. However, Ben also recognizes that there are many false allegations of domestic violence cases made every year. Ben has taken to a jury trial several such cases over the years, and has shown the jury in each one that the charges were bogus.

If you have been accused of or arrested for a crime of domestic violence, don't wait to get help. Call a Marietta Criminal Defense Attorney like Ben at 404-985-9772 for a free consultation.

Felony Offenses

The violent crimes that are designated as felonies carry hefty sentences if you are convicted. Aggravated assault and aggravated battery are punishable by up to 20 years. Voluntary manslaughter carries the same potential punishment. Murder is punishable by a mandatory life sentence, and the judge may order that it be served without the possibility of parole, depending on the circumstances. 

One thing that every defense lawyer should investigate when representing someone charged with a crime of violence is whether the defendant was defending him or herself at the time of the incident. If so, the defendant obviously has a defense that can be presented at trial. But, even better, this defense can be asserted in advance of trial with the assertion of an immunity motion. If the judge determines, following the presentation of evidence in support of the motion, that the defendant was acting in self-defense, the defendant is therefore immune from being prosecuted.

Of course, not every case will present a triable issue of self-defense. Nevertheless, you may have other defenses available if you are charged with a violent crime. Don't wait to get representation after being arrested. You need an experienced Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer working immediately on your defense to ensure that you get the best possible outcome to your case. Contact Ben immediately for a free consultation.  

"Without a Doubt the Best"

"I would highly recommend Ben. There were not any surprises or extra costs. He was very clear on what to expect. Even more impressive was what happened before I went to court and while in court, everything happened exactly as Ben had told me it would. When I was in the court room and Ben needed to make things happen, he was so articulate I felt as though I had an entire team of lawyers."

"Truly an attorney with not just intellect but heart!"

"When Mr. Goldberg came into my life, he went against all odds, believed in my innocence, fought for my justice, and supported me as my lawyer and my friend. I personally believe that when Mr. Goldberg chose to practice law, his goal was not money nor prestige, but was only the well-being of the client. More specifically, he values the lives of the individuals he represents and provides them with the best defense to see to it that justice is served."

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