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Traffic Tickets

Cobb County and Marietta Traffic Ticket Defense

Everyone gets them or knows someone that gets them: traffic tickets. Ben is a Marietta Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer and Cobb County Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer who has represented people charged with almost every type of traffic infraction on the books in Georgia, including:

  • speeding
  • driving too fast for conditions
  • disobeying a traffic control device
  • following too closely
  • overtaking a school bus
  • improper turn
  • failure to yield
  • failure to use turn signal
  • failure to exercise due care
  • hit and run
  • leaving the scene of an accident
  • reckless driving
  • aggressive driving
  • equipment violations
  • windshield violations
  • driving without a license
  • driving on a suspended license
  • open container

Most traffic charges can add points to your driver's license if you are convicted. Points can lead to increased insurance rates and, eventually, license suspension. Other charges on their own can lead to the suspension of your driving privileges. Before you just go and pay your ticket, it would be wise to figure out what the implications might be.

Ben is known in the legal community as the Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney that took a traffic ticket all the way to the Supreme Court of Georgia and won. Call him at 404-985-9772 to discuss the ways to minimize the impact of your ticket(s).    

Traffic Court

Going to traffic court can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you have a full-time job. As the traffic courts are typically packed with people every day that court is in session, going to court can take half a day or all day. The good news is that a Marietta Criminal Defense Attorney can help you avoid the headaches and wasted time. Contact a Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer today at 404-985-9772 to discuss the citations you received. 

Many traffic cases in Cobb County are resolved in the Cobb County State Court. However, there are also several municipal courts in Cobb County where traffic cases are prosecuted. These include: Kennesaw, Austell, Acworth, Smyrna, Marietta and Powder Springs. Each of these courts has judges and prosecutors that exclusively work on traffic ticket cases day in and day out. If you find yourself charged in one of these courts, you too will want someone with the same experience in your corner. Contact a Cobb County Traffic Defense Attorney today for a free consultation.

How an Attorney Can Help

The general public does not understand the lasting impact certain traffic convictions can have on your driver's license and your car insurance rates. For this reason, most people do not believe that legal representation is necessary when cited for a traffic infraction. It is true that many traffic violations will not impact the driver's license and/or insurance, but it is always best to consult with a Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer and Cobb County Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer before simply paying the fine online or over the phone. 

For example, speeding 15 miles over the limit will add points to your driver's license and could make your insurance rates go up for a number of years. A $100 ticket can end up costing you thousands over the long run. A Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney may instead be able to get the speed reduced to 14 miles over the limit, which does not assess any points to one's license. 

One of the other primary advantages of having a Cobb County Criminal Defense Attorney by your side when you walk into a traffic court is that the prosecutors and judges will generally handle cases involving attorneys first. You might resolve your case in 10 minutes while others will be there for hours. 

Just like any criminal charge, it is best to consult with and, if necessary, hire a Marietta Criminal Defense Attorney immediately after being cited by the police. For a free consultation regarding your case, contact a Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer today.  

"Without a Doubt the Best"

"I would highly recommend Ben. There were not any surprises or extra costs. He was very clear on what to expect. Even more impressive was what happened before I went to court and while in court, everything happened exactly as Ben had told me it would. When I was in the court room and Ben needed to make things happen, he was so articulate I felt as though I had an entire team of lawyers."

"Truly an attorney with not just intellect but heart!"

"When Mr. Goldberg came into my life, he went against all odds, believed in my innocence, fought for my justice, and supported me as my lawyer and my friend. I personally believe that when Mr. Goldberg chose to practice law, his goal was not money nor prestige, but was only the well-being of the client. More specifically, he values the lives of the individuals he represents and provides them with the best defense to see to it that justice is served."

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