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Sex Offender Registration Review Board (SORRB)

The Classification Process

Georgia's Sexual Offender Registration Review Board is tasked with classifying all of Georgia's registered sex offenders into one of three classifications: Level I, Level II or Level III. For most individuals seeking to be removed from the registry, a Level I designation is required. If you have not been classified yet, the only way to do so is by filing a petition for release from the registry and submitting an order to the assigned judge. Depending on the category of eligibility you fall under, the judge is required to order that you be classified by the SORRB before the merits of your petition are even considered. Ben is a Georgia Sex Offender Registry Removal Attorney that understands the importance of this process to many people's prospects of getting removed.

The Different Classifications

A Level I designation is required for most people seeking release from the registry. This classification means that you are a low risk to reoffend in the future. 

A Level II classification means you are an intermediate risk to reoffend. While this classification will not impact your everyday life, it may preclude you from successfully petitioning for release from the registry.

A Level III classification means that you have been designated a sexual predator. In addition to not being able to seek release from the registry, you will also be required to wear, and pay for, an ankle monitor for the rest of your life.  

The Pitfalls of Representing Yourself

The classification level you are assigned can have a dramatic impact on your life and your ability to be removed from Georgia's sex offender registry. The SORRB will consider many things in making their classification decision. Before you seek removal from the registry and a classification level, it is vitally important for you to determine whether getting classified itself is a bad idea.

Ben is a Georgia Sex Offender Registry Removal Lawyer that has successfully helped dozens of individuals get removed from the registry. He can determine quickly whether you are eligible and what classification level you might be assigned. Contact him at 404-985-9772 to discuss your options.  

Appealing SORRB's Classification

If you have been classified as a Level II or Level III offender, you can appeal this decision, but you must act quickly. There are two parts of this process. First, you can request that the SORRB reconsider their decision, and you can submit any and all evidence you have to support your argument, such as independent risk assessments, polygraph results and character reference letters. 

If your request to reconsider is denied, you can appeal the decision to the Fulton County Superior Court, as the SORRB is headquartered in Fulton County, Georgia. 

If you have been classified as a Level II or Level III offender and believe this designation is erroneous, contact a Georgia Sex Offender Registry Release Attorney immediately to discuss your next steps.  

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