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Misdemeanor Marijuana

Georgia Misdemeanor Marijuana Defense 

While marijuana is slowly becoming legalized or decriminalized in states across our country, here in Georgia possession of marijuana, even in a miniscule amount, is still a crime. A conviction for misdemeanor marijuana can lead to license suspension and can also preclude you from receiving financial aid from the government for your education. The good news is that a criminal defense attorney like Ben may be able to help you avoid a conviction and all the penalties that accompany it.

Your Marijuana Case Can Get Dismissed

If you have been charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and have never been in trouble before, most courts offer pretrial diversion programs that will benefit you. A typical pretrial diversion program for this offense entails a drug dependency evaluation, drug screening and community service. The end result is that the case gets dismissed and the arrest itself gets restricted (formerly known as expunged) from your record. 

Most courts will require you to be represented by a lawyer in order to participate in the pretrial diversion program. You will want a lawyer anyway, as an experienced criminal defense lawyer will also look at the defenses applicable to your case.

Do Not Make the Mistake of Representing Yourself

Representing yourself in any legal situation is a bad idea that you will likely regret making. Even if you believe you are guilty of what you are charged with, Ben will still do everything possible to get you the best outcome available.

For example, other than an outright dismissal of the charge, there are other ways to prevent the charge from becoming a conviction on your permanent record and there are also other ways to save your driver's license if you are charged with possession of marijuana. Ben may be able to negotiate these outcomes for you. Contact him here  and schedule a free consultation, or call him directly at 404-985-9772.

"Without a Doubt the Best"

"I would highly recommend Ben. There were not any surprises or extra costs. He was very clear on what to expect. Even more impressive was what happened before I went to court and while in court, everything happened exactly as Ben had told me it would. When I was in the court room and Ben needed to make things happen, he was so articulate I felt as though I had an entire team of lawyers."

"Truly an attorney with not just intellect but heart!"

"When Mr. Goldberg came into my life, he went against all odds, believed in my innocence, fought for my justice, and supported me as my lawyer and my friend. I personally believe that when Mr. Goldberg chose to practice law, his goal was not money nor prestige, but was only the well-being of the client. More specifically, he values the lives of the individuals he represents and provides them with the best defense to see to it that justice is served."

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