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Appeals in Cobb County and Throughout Georgia

Ben Goldberg has represented individuals in every type of post-conviction case throughout the State of Georgia. Ben became a criminal defense lawyer because he is driven to help people. Criminal convictions have a life-altering impact on those convicted as well as their families. If you have been convicted of a crime, you may feel like all hope is lost. It's not. Whether you have recently been convicted or are in a later stage of the appellate process, Ben can help.

When Ben was in law school, he interned at the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council in the appellate division, where he first learned the intricacies of the appellate process. Immediately after graduation, Ben assumed responsibility of the appellate division for the public defender's office in two north Georgia counties. There, Ben obtained appellate victories in cases involving murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, drug possession, firearms possession, DUI and traffic violations.

Since 2010, Ben has been in private practice as one of Georgia's most sought-after appellate attorneys. In that period of time, he has gained reversals in cases involving sexual offenses, probation violations, felony obstruction and other serious felony convictions. He has also successfully helped dozens of people get released from the sex offender registry. He is one of the few Georgia Sex Offender Registry Removal Lawyers with a success rate of close to 100%.

We Handle All Types of Criminal Appeals in Georgia

Examples of criminal appeals include:

  • petitions for release from the sex offender registry
  • motions for new trial
  • direct appeals
  • motions for reconsideration
  • petitions for a writ of certiorari
  • habeas corpus petitions
  • applications for a writ of probable cause to appeal
  • discretionary appeal applications
  • interlocutory appeal applications
  • motions for early termination of probation
  • motions for modification of probation conditions

Criminal Defense and Nothing Else

While many lawyers handle cases in several or numerous practice areas, Ben has devoted his entire career to criminal defense. This is because he has spent 10 years watching the injustices produced in Georgia's court systems. If you have been convicted of a crime, you cannot rely upon the criminal justice system to straighten everything out on appeal. Justice must be vigorously fought for. 

Although his central office is located in Marietta, Georgia, Ben has handled appeals all across Georgia. Recognized as a "Rising Star" of law only 3 years into his career, Ben wakes up every morning and goes to sleep every night thinking about his cases and his clients, and everything that he can do to right the wrongs that have been done. He leaves no stone unturned in his search for the best legal argument to present to the appellate courts while seeking reversal of an erroneous and unjust conviction. His dedication and thoroughness has led to great successes for his clients.  

Appeals are complicated, and you need a Georgia Appeals Lawyer with experience and passion. You also need a lawyer that will listen to you and be sensitive to what you and your family are going through. Each and every case is unique, and Ben is ready to hear about yours in a free consultation. Call Ben at 404-985-9772 or send him a message here.

"Without a Doubt the Best"

"I would highly recommend Ben. There were not any surprises or extra costs. He was very clear on what to expect. Even more impressive was what happened before I went to court and while in court, everything happened exactly as Ben had told me it would. When I was in the court room and Ben needed to make things happen, he was so articulate I felt as though I had an entire team of lawyers."

"Truly an attorney with not just intellect but heart!"

"When Mr. Goldberg came into my life, he went against all odds, believed in my innocence, fought for my justice, and supported me as my lawyer and my friend. I personally believe that when Mr. Goldberg chose to practice law, his goal was not money nor prestige, but was only the well-being of the client. More specifically, he values the lives of the individuals he represents and provides them with the best defense to see to it that justice is served."

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