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Georgia DUI Victories

Ben has handled DUI cases all across the metro Atlanta area and all across the State. As a Georgia DUI Lawyer, he has won jury trials, had cases thrown out before trial and secured reductions to reckless driving. Below are some of the success stories.

State v. A.H. -- A.H. was arrested for DUI after committing a traffic violation and declining to take the field sobriety tests and the breath test. Ben got this DUI reduced to reckless driving. 

State v. A.N. -- despite being underage and blowing over the legal limit, Ben convinced the prosecutor that there was a problem with the implied consent warnings. The DUI was subsequently reduced to reckless driving. 

State v. B.A. -- B.A.'s DUI case was full of questionable evidence, and Ben had prepared to expose all of this at a motion to suppress hearing before the prosecutor reduced the DUI to reckless driving. 

State v. B.B. -- B.B. was stopped for speeding and admitted to the officer that he had been drinking, but he performed well on the field sobriety evaluations. The prosecutor reduced the DUI to reckless driving. 

State v. B.F. -- B.F. was charged with DUI, but the arresting officer charged B.F. with a type of DUI that the evidence did not support. Ben got the judge to dismiss this charge at trial. 

State v. C.H. -- in one of the toughest jurisdictions in Georgia, and despite blowing over the legal limit, Ben obtained a reduction of C.H.'s DUI to reckless driving.

State v. E.A. -- E.A.'s DUI case was dismissed after Ben filed a motion to dismiss the case based on a violation of the statute of limitations.

State v. E.L. -- though caught with a marijuana cigarette in her lap while driving, Ben was prepared to present expert testimony at trial that the level of marijuana in E.L.'s bloodstream did not prove impairment. The prosecutor dismissed the DUI charge. 

State v. J.K. -- J.K. lived out-of-state, and did not want to spend the money to come back to Georgia for his DUI case. Ben not only handled the case without J.K. having to come back to Georgia, but he got the charge reduced to reckless driving at the same time. 

State v. M.B. -- Ben went to trial on M.B.'s DUI charge, and throughout trial exposed all the flaws in the State's case. Near the end of trial, the prosecutor offered M.B. a reduction to reckless driving, which M.B. happily accepted.  

State v. P.P. -- although the arresting officer testified that P.P., who had caused an accident with a police vehicle, appeared to be under the influence of drugs, Ben introduced evidence that P.P.'s behavior was equally consistent with other symptoms. P.P. was acquitted of DUI.  

State v. R.C. -- R.C. blew way over the limit, but with some crafty legal maneuvering and strategy, R.C.'s DUI case was dismissed by the prosecutor after a hard fought battle. 

State v. R.K. -- R.K. was arrested following a roadblock he encountered. Though he blew slightly over the legal limit, Ben convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charge to reckless driving. 

State v. S.S. -- S.S. had three prior DUI arrests, and one prior DUI conviction. The fourth arrest was based on very weak evidence and, following a motion to suppress hearing, the prosecutor offered a reduction to reckless driving.  

State v. T.B. -- although he committed a traffic infraction, T.B. was arrested for DUI despite very little evidence he was impaired. Ben convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charge to speeding. 

State v. T.D. -- a medical doctor who could not risk a DUI conviction for purposes of her continued employment, Ben got T.D.'s DUI reduced despite a breath test over the legal limit. 

State v. T.M. -- T.M. was charged with DUI and other offenses. Ben took this case to trial and convinced the jury that the arresting officer was totally wrong about T.M.'s level of sobriety. T.M. was acquitted of DUI.

State v. T.S. -- T.S. was arrested for DUI in Georgia even though he lived in N.C., which assesses serious penalties for DUI convictions. It took numerous trips to court and much convincing of the prosecutor, but the DUI was eventually reduced to reckless driving. 

State v. T.S. -- T.S. was arrested by an over-aggressive police officer who conducted zero DUI investigation before arresting T.S. Ben filed a motion to suppress challenging the legality of the arrest, and the judge threw the case out. 

State v. V.C. -- V.C. was arrested on highly questionable evidence which formed a strong basis for a motion to suppress said evidence. The prosecutor agreed, and reduced the charge to reckless driving. 

State v. V.M. -- Ben filed a motion to suppress challenging the validity of the traffic stop of V.M.'s vehicle, which had led to V.M.'s arrest for DUI. The prosecutor agreed, and dismissed all charges. 

Each and every case is different, and numerous factors will go into the analysis of whether your DUI case can be beat or reduced. Though a particular outcome can never be promised, as a Cobb County and Georgia DUI Lawyer Ben can promise to explore every angle of defense and can promise to fight for you and your rights. Contact him today for a free, confidential consultation.  

"Without a Doubt the Best"

"I would highly recommend Ben. There were not any surprises or extra costs. He was very clear on what to expect. Even more impressive was what happened before I went to court and while in court, everything happened exactly as Ben had told me it would. When I was in the court room and Ben needed to make things happen, he was so articulate I felt as though I had an entire team of lawyers."

"Truly an attorney with not just intellect but heart!"

"When Mr. Goldberg came into my life, he went against all odds, believed in my innocence, fought for my justice, and supported me as my lawyer and my friend. I personally believe that when Mr. Goldberg chose to practice law, his goal was not money nor prestige, but was only the well-being of the client. More specifically, he values the lives of the individuals he represents and provides them with the best defense to see to it that justice is served."

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